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2014 SSANZ RNI Leg 1

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;) Looks fine now, I agree. Someone updated since I posted. Thanks SSANZ, or whoever it was updating the results.


Now when I look at it I get the following:


Division 4 PHRF Start Time: 8/02/2014 14:00:00

Boat Name Type Sail No HCAP Finish Time Elapsed Pl HCAP Pl

Montego Bay lll Simpson k5477 0.75 09/02/14 10:18:47 0 20:18:47 3 0 15:14:05 1

Berenice Mitchinson 39 K4722 0.775 09/02/14 10:12:19 0 20:12:19 2 0 15:39:33 2

Wanderingstar Townson 32 K1527 0.725 09/02/14 11:37:11 0 21:37:11 5 0 15:40:27 3

Manson Pepe Ross 930 K5535 0.78 09/02/14 10:10:34 0 20:10:34 1 0 15:44:15 4

Assassin Beale 35 K3809 0.73 09/02/14 11:43:47 0 21:43:47 6 0 15:51:46 5

Duty Free Farr 1220 k6697 0.765 09/02/14 10:52:55 0 20:52:55 4 0 15:58:29 6

Cool Change Ross 850 K8359 0.755 09/02/14 12:03:58 0 22:03:58 7 0 16:39:36 7


That makes much more sense than earlier...

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Just a very quick write up from the Marshall! Busy busy with leg 2 start coming up....


Started off with a very brave (foolish) port gybe start at the pin with the rest of the fleet gybing to starboard at the last minute.... So we headed right into a mess of starboard gybe boats with MH genniker up and not much room to move. Apart from Blink coming up maybe 10 degrees to give us room, (Thanks Tony!) we cleared everyone and got a stellar start, no gybe required!! First to North head we went for the drop with overload right underneath us, and of course we lost the kite.... The whole sock took off like a flag, and it was looking sad, but new crew Gavin made a hero save and grabbed the whole sail and we did a letterbox drop down the hatch before it got ugly.. A good save indeed!!

Peeled to the newly cut Jib top and set off reaching towards Tiri at the front of the fleet. It didn't take long for Bushido, Blink and Overload to go past, then Truxton.. We stuck with Wedgetail for a long time which was satisfying, but Wedgetail and Truxton slowly pulled away.


We went for the 3/4 genniker at Tiri and just as a black boat with 2 masts slid by? Black panther? That got our speeds up a bit and we held our spot with traditional opposition Gail Force and Django satisfyingly behind us for a change!


Nice speeds all the way to the Hen and Chicks where we dropped the chute and went to Jib Top again as the breeze tightened up. By then we had the Elliot "Cruisers" alongside and we paced with them right through the night.


After a good couple of hours sleep and somewhere around Brett we went to the #2 as the breeze had tightened. To my surprise, Gav had made big inroads on Truxton with them clearly in sight. I made it my mission to keep speed up while Gav had a sleep and pass the Submarine.. We crept up on them, and they tightened up so I went for a dive through their Lee and was pleasantly surprised to pop out underneath and then climb on them.. Skins must have been gutted after their decent lead was ground down.. From then on we were on the wind with the occasional just sheets cracked power sail, but at the entrance to Doubtless Bay we got knocked and it was a small beat to the finish.


With a decent lead on Truxton we were patting ourselves on the back and laughing at the two Tourers who had overlaid the line massively. Guess what? We proceeded to do the same. truxton, always on their game, had tacked early and for a while it looked like we had stuffed it up. However with a bit of serious trimming from Gav sheet the jib on the new outboard sheet, we powered down to take the win for Div 3 on line and PHRF.. YeeHarr!


Our little overlay was not without cost though, losing a line position to the "Milk Truck" (White Gold) and a PHRF place to Pepe by 30 sec... (Bugger!). Still pretty happy.


Had a huge heart attack breakfast at Monganui cruising club, and a welcome 5 hours sleep. Now for the big one!!!!





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