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Safety at Sea Triple Series --SSANZ

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#51 markm


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Posted 11 August 2018 - 09:02 AM

BWM2 magic :

For most boats it's a fairly even split between how fast I think the boats design is, how fast RaceTrack thinks the boat is and how well you've done in the last couple of seasons in the SAS triple racing.

If you were miles ahead on corrected time last race, you're probably going to go up, if you were miles behind you're probably going to go down and if you were somewhere in the middle, you'll probably change not very much.

Will look at setting last race handicaps in a week or so, if anyone particularly wants to know their handicap let me know and I'll let them know handicaps for their division once set.

Regardless of how you did last race, you will not like your next handicap and believe the Gods, your fellow man and specifically me are plotting against you.  You will be right, I am, as are the Gods I'm in regular contact with.

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#52 Knot Me... maybe

Knot Me... maybe

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Posted 11 August 2018 - 09:16 AM

Knot for me due to said condition....but I had the OK to get back on the horse yesterday, using caution. Happy puppy and about to go find my helmet.


A mate who is new to boat ownership and racing at the back end of the boat as the has found they are faster than expected and at the pointy end of the fleet with a high chance of a podium finish. They are impatient and trying to work out which step on the podium could they have depending on which scenario pans out in R3.



Mark may be able to explain that but it’s all smoke and mirrors blind white man magic to me.

Yeah with ya on that one fella.


I do like racetrack. It will be interesting to hear peoples thoughts and comments about using that V PHRF when the dust has settled.

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