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Yes you are totally correct, Goad was the word I was after thank you.


 Provincial Cowboy is planning to race unless it looks like being boat damaging conditions.  


Looking forward to it.  

100% concur on both points. I'd hate to break Smithys baby.


Urban also showed some interest last weekend, mind you that was in Jack Tars with beverages in hand so not to sure if it still applied the following morning :)

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Got our entry in, Just a thought looking at the other entries. Can we change weather do long or short course? Long course at the moment looks full of Rocketships and short course is sportish boats.

Maybe we need to enter the old heavy tank division.

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Metvu long range looking a bit a) wet, b)windy, and c) on the nose. I was wanting a) dry/warm b)15-20kts c)SW then change to north for the ride home...mmm

Yes we have been watching it for the couple of days since Metvuw came within range and it hasn't improved. Still a while to go yet but not looking ideal, even If there was to be a later start time.


Won't stop doing the boat prep jobs yet tho!


[edit: looking a bit better in the last update]

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