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  1. Great event. Would be epic with North Wharf filled with boats...next time. Course was ok.
  2. We actually have option to also do Akarana 350 and Bay Week as well if you're keen for more yachting. We have accom for Coastal and Bay week. Cheers
  3. 1 or 2. Pref experience on mast or bow but trimmers good too. Mixed crew on davidson 34 Option to do Gold Cup on the 15th beforehand as well. PM me Andrew
  4. Just after a new beach trailer for my Javelin. Anyone know a place to buy?
  5. There wasn't last year!
  6. hehe, it just means I don't need to work on my tacking!
  7. Yeah my brain went 8k for 1 knot is a deal!
  8. We got buried because we were trying to stay behind the line in the last 10 - in a smaller boat that's just dire. Surprised a general was not called as it was so obvious early on in the sequence. We'd been delayed already so what's another 10 min?
  9. Haha - Royal Navy: no sleeping below decks!
  10. Found someone now Cheers
  11. Gday did you find another helm ? I am keen if you haven’t 





    1. Ptown


      Hi Jamie

      Thanks we did find someone pretty quick.




    2. Ex Machina

      Ex Machina

      Ok mate good luck with the race ! 

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