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  1. Just after a new beach trailer for my Javelin. Anyone know a place to buy?
  2. There wasn't last year!
  3. hehe, it just means I don't need to work on my tacking!
  4. Yeah my brain went 8k for 1 knot is a deal!
  5. We got buried because we were trying to stay behind the line in the last 10 - in a smaller boat that's just dire. Surprised a general was not called as it was so obvious early on in the sequence. We'd been delayed already so what's another 10 min?
  6. Haha - Royal Navy: no sleeping below decks!
  7. Found someone now Cheers
  8. Gday did you find another helm ? I am keen if you haven’t 





    1. Ptown


      Hi Jamie

      Thanks we did find someone pretty quick.




    2. Ex Machina

      Ex Machina

      Ok mate good luck with the race ! 

  9. We've had one of our helm have to go in for surgery just before the race so are after an experienced helm to step in at short notice. PM me if interested
  10. We've had a hiccup with one of our Helm having to go for surgery just before the race so if you or someone you know (who can helm) would like to step onto a well sorted boat for this race PM me Thanks
  11. Ptown

    foredeck hatch

    After taking in about 5 buckets during the last Gold Cup I'm thinking we need a new hatch. Who has the biggest range and best support?? Any recommendations for brand? The existing one is perspex with alloy frame rubber seals about 500x700mm
  12. Hey I've got a spot available for one this weekend on Zero Tolerance. Experience pref but not essential Cheers Andrew 0274941247
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