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  1. Ptown

    foredeck hatch

    After taking in about 5 buckets during the last Gold Cup I'm thinking we need a new hatch. Who has the biggest range and best support?? Any recommendations for brand? The existing one is perspex with alloy frame rubber seals about 500x700mm
  2. Hey I've got a spot available for one this weekend on Zero Tolerance. Experience pref but not essential Cheers Andrew 0274941247
  3. Ptown


    Hi team Just pulled an old air cooled wall/thru mounted unit off the icebox and would like input into best solution as these do not seem to be made any more. Options seem to be replace with isotherm unit which seems a bit more complexor chainsaw out old icebox and use a portable 12v unit. PS it's a racer that is cruised Thoughts?
  4. And yes, all I could do was shrug when boats started motoring back to the start line
  5. I have one very similar if not the same as the delta. Nice sail, nice foils. PM me if your serious and I'll take some pics
  6. Ptown

    Boat Dilemma

    My two cents having modded The Entertainer from bog stock and raced the hell out of her: go Scarlett. The keel makes a huge difference and She runs Masthead and fractional gear. They cruise better with the t-keel too. 930s are just so much bang for buck and lots of knowledge around which people are happy to share. They still get out in fair number too at times all be it in different configurations. Part of me is tempted to buy Scarlett...
  7. BOI regatta we had one dolphin rubbing on the rudder for about 30 seconds straight. Almost reached for a winch handle
  8. OMG, this is my new favourite thing!
  9. Ptown

    Trip to BOI

    Hi team One of my crew needs a lift up for Bay week but on Wednesday night. Anyone heading up then with room? Contribution for gas and sparkling conversation! Let me know Cheers Andrew 0211167117
  10. Yep, such a fun race. One of these days we'll have to start on time. If anyone picked up our inflatable parrot MOB PM me
  11. Ptown

    Dyneema Rigging

    Bugger, not so reassuring! I might take a section off and get it load/break tested. Can you help with that KM? As I said it looks in good nick
  12. Ptown


    You can steer with buckets in an emergency
  13. Ptown

    Dyneema Rigging

    Thanks The rig actually seems really solidly built and in good nick but it is getting a bit long in the tooth now for Dyneema if what you're saying about UV degraded strength is on point
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