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Warning - chain plates on NZ built production boats

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Mike Hosking should be shot. Anyway, didn't he resign after National 'lost' the election? He definitely needed counselling.

LOL. I don't watch Hosking. What time of the program was it on. I might swallow and dead rat and brace myself for a few minutes of the replay.

316 does not mean it is "better" that 304. SST is made to meet a specific requirement for use. 316 offers better protection from Chorides than 304 for example. Which is why 316 is considered better fo

How the hell does that full blown twit Mike Hosking manage to force his bloated egotesticle bullshit into the living rooms of this country.

For christ's sake he is just a introducer of news clips, not even a properly trained journalist.

On a $mil or more.

His verbal diarrhea in granny Herald is simply a daily joke.

Tantrum over for now.

Back to the Townson recently lost.

The skipper comes across as a pretty switched on guy and his comment about the value of the liferaft safety course he attended is a timely reminder that being in a upside down raft and being able to right it needs to be practiced beforehand. 

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