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  1. I have a spare roll of this you can have for $20 + postage. https://www.theboatwarehouse.com.au/boat-building-maintenance/tapes/butyl-tape-white-10m-x-20mm-roll/
  2. It looks like power supply quality, as IT suggested. Sometimes, when the voltage drops very slowly to a point below the digital electronics logic thresholds, they will lock up. Similarly with a quick dip. Can you connect it to a known good battery, on its own, and see how it holds up?
  3. If it's still getting power while it's dead, have you tried cycling the power to see if it comes back up, or still waits 15mins? If you have to wait, it may be something overheating and needs the time to cool.
  4. Use the same glue that's keeping your wallet closed. It's seems to be pretty strong stuff, so should do the trick.
  5. This will be Lyttelton. It's in their contract. They had a push on EWOFs and tagged extension leads recently, but they don't seem to be pushing the gas certification part yet.
  6. https://www.anzor.co.nz/tube-pipe-fittings/pipe-clamps
  7. Are you wanting to clamp a hose, or are you looking for clamps hold a pipe? What you have described sounds like a tube clamp, which is used to hold stainless tube in dairy plants and the like.
  8. If all you are wanting is to ensure your batteries are kept charged by plugging in a charger and leaving it unattended, don't do it. You will need an EWOF and that will cost you $$$. The subject of EWOFs has been covered extensively in this form, just do a search. Your money would be better spent on solar, which will charge your batteries wherever you are and is more fun to set up. Also, get a tagged extension lead which you can only use on the boat while it is attended. That's just my opinion and will get other options too.
  9. No worries. I get to Auckland for work fairly regularly. Maybe I'll try to line it up for the next one.
  10. Do you do one in the South island at all?
  11. As a contract engineer, the going rate used to be double the staff hourly rate. That's slipped a little but 150% would be my "giz a job"* point. * Acknowledgement to Alan Bleasdale.
  12. If it was exported after construction, so no tax was paid on the original purchase, tax would be due. If the original purchase was in NZ, tax would have been paid, so none is due. My understanding is that's how it works in the EU so NZ may be the same, otherwise they're double dipping and we all know the government would never do that to us.
  13. Starts well and no smoke. Sounds good to me. Maybe get a compression leak down test and oil analysis and if all good, as Maté said, go sailing.
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