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Deep Purple

Waszp, any input?

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I'm not that impressed to be honest.

First impressions is that they look amazing but... 

They seem pretty fragile and actually not that fast unless blast reaching in flat water.

I can beat a wasp upwind in 10- 15 knots single handing my javelin by sailing much higher and the Nacra 5.5 absolutely takes them apart upwind and downwind in a breeze.

The wishbone boom doesn't actually seem to work very well. They have just got new larger foils which might make them quicker and I believe they are working on the reliability issues.


I have several friends with them and get mixed reviews.

Quite a few people have sold out of the class.


Now Moth's that's a different story these things are blindingly fast, upwind and downwind. You seem to be able to get a reasonable moth for around 15-20k. 

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Thanks Phil, it seems most of the NZ boats were amongst the first 200 built, now over 700 so that might explain the early breakages.


I’ve seen a few on the market but snapped up pretty quick. I know of 5 sold in the past few weeks.


A moth would be a lot quicker but well over twice the price and by reports much harder to sail.


The new foil is out now which by reports transforms the boat considerably


I guess I’ll find out

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Well I picked up one on Wednesday. Took it for a sail on Friday afternoon but the wind didn't get over 5 knots. This afternoon after an epic day racing Hobie 16's I went out late afternoon. The wind had died but a few puffs showed up. A lot to learn but got a few rides.





Foiling Pic.JPG

Foiling pic2.png

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