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Kevin McCready

Haul out - stuck in the cradle

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if the tides are right


the cradle has been positioned correctly


you aren't late etc


you should have 1/2 meter? of tide


to move your boat, via lines to the cradle, to your ideal position between the up-rights


(mast 1 mtr behind the fwd upright???)


what am i missing? 

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fwd + aft


or side to side


side to side would be an improper setting of the cradle arms + beam width


fwd + aft would be an improper understanding of the where the keel was, and slope of keel base???


very much how long is a bit of string


we are supposed to kowtow to the pros 


but in the case of our own boats


probably know more than them...

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I was once hauled with the keel missing the chanel. Didn't know until boat started bumping along the ramp. Luckily I was able to go back down and level up and come out with no damage. 

Haulout crew had indicated that i was level.

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