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2 hours ago, Chewing Gum said:

Oh ok - maybe someone repaired her then ?

had a look in my files, I had saved some pictures of her. They date back to 2012. I had noted that there were 2 sets of pictures and it appeared she had been re-rigged, one group showed her with a swept spreader rig and boom bagged slab reefed main and another what appears to be a masthead rig with inline spreader and fore and aft lowers and an in boom furler.  So maybe the new rig was a consequence of falling off the cradle? PM me if you would like me to send you the photos

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Friends used to own Pericon,  they took her to the islands twice iirc. Maybe as late as 15. She's in the same beautiful condition, lives at Windsor landing in kerikeri.

I'd ring a cat 1 inspector for their opinion on stability,  I doubt it's a concern. 

There's a pretty one permanently in Savusavu owned by a Kiwi . He goes up each year but I gather she doesn't move much. I commented to him that she looked different, he told me she was built to plan but the glass hulls were slightly different in the bow sections for mold release. True? Dunno, but that would mean Pericon was built that way if so . There were some cabin differences that made her look a little but Youngish to me too.

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