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Fijords are amazing places. I spent a season in the ice on this 90fter. We were often anchoring in up to 80m of water or just doing night watches all night keeping the boat on station and away from the big bergs when it was too deep to anchor. It was light all night so not a big problem. Either way you still had to keep a night watch.

The big issue is the big bergy bits of ice, when you get a chunk of ice fall off a glacier there can be a big swell and the bergs tip over so you have to stay well clear.

Amazing experience.

Wow. Just. wow. :thumbup:

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My boat lives at Northcote, I've had to replace the top line and hook assembly and the bow fairlead. The boat has somehow twisted around the fairlead, and the mooring line bent it !


The protector on the line moved and chaffed about half the thickness of the rope away on the edge of the fairlead. Bloody thing was only just over 12 months old.


After the storm we spent time searching areas where up turned/ damaged small craft had been found, to make sure they were part of the flotsam storm damage rather than accidents, was good practise.

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