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Interior paint

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Hi Guys & Gals

My trailer yacht interior is covered in some kind of fabric which is looking very shoddy. I'd like to remove it and paint the interior surface. It's a GRP hull. I was thinking of a primer such as the Zinser 123. I've used that on some dark stained beams in a house and found it great for covering and as a primer.

Any thoughts/advice on the paint to use? I was wondering about using a household paint as it's the interior of a trailer yacht. :?:

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I think you will find the fabric is what's known as front runner. It will come off easy but the glue used to stick it on (usually ados f2) can be a pain in the ass, especially to get it off enough to paint. You can get several special solvents that make it easier, there is one in particular which is very potent but also very effective (I can find the name if it helps). Gel coat is good to coat with if you want it white, it's thicker than average paint and still looks ok if the surface isn't real smooth. It's used in places on some noelex 25's (maybe post factory?), also good for painting out lockers etc. It's quite hard wearing, and glossy so easy to wipe /clean.

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What mattm said. But I would like to add, the Glue Solvents are pretty nasty and you need to wear a respirator with Organic Solvent cartridges, BUT!! you need to still ensure you have air to breath. The Solvents displace the air in a confined place and you can meander off to Alices Wonderland Playing the part of the Mad Hatter even if you are not breathing the Solvent itself. So be careful.

Interior house paint is fine, but I would not use water based Acrylic. A turps based Enamel would be the way to go to get a good hard wearing and easy to clean surface. Water based Enamel would also be a consideration, however, even though the Water Based Enamels don't stink quite as much, there is now some controversy that there may actually be as much or even more in the way of nasties in the air with Water Based as there is with Turps Based. It just doesn't that way is all.

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Bugger the solvent , hit it with a grinder or big belt sander. :P


Thats what i have just done...


It was a bit of a b1tch of a job to do - still got sore arms. But easier than filling it all...


Just need to find a good highbuild paint now to coat it in and then rub it back.

IMG_0696 (Large).JPG


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I pulled all my front runner off and went over it all with pads like the ones below. Some plastic like stuff and you put them on your grinder, a 125mm one in my case.



They were brilliant as they ripped the glue off and if you pushed hard for a minute in the same spot they would also take off lumps of resin that were drips or whatever excessive. The best bit is if you lose concentration for a moment you don't find you've ground through the hull like you would with a grinding disk. Also they didn't leave the usual swirly marks a grinder would.


I did go thru a fair few though and found there are softer and harder ones. Either work fine just the softer don't last as long.

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