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Keel upgrade

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Keel on Not Negotiable. I have looked into changing to a more modern one but there are some issues. There are substantial floors in the hull which would carry it but there is also a stub molded into the hull which protrudes about 150mm underneath which is same as Fastlane. To do it properly this would need to be cut off if a smaller fin was attached. This problem has been worked many ways on Y11's and photos can be found on the web.

Having raced against Fastlane many times she is quicker in the very light and Not Negotiable is quicker when it blows above 10knots as she stands up to her sail better. Not Negotiable has a more powerful rig with masthead gear.image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg

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I did the keel of The Entertainer recently and it made a huge difference (given my sailing hasn't really improved). Do not underestimate what it will cost. I didn't cut corners (I didn't do any of the work myself) and put in completely new floors which tie into a partial ring frame which has also made it possible to carry alot more rig tension. I just used a top plate (recessed flush with the hull) on the can bolted through to big washers in the floors and there is absolutely no movement. Mike Rees (Rees Castings) helped heaps and did a great job on the bulb and can, talk to Mike if you want a straight-up opinion. 


PM me if you want pics, drawings and idea on costs.

Hey Ptown! I'm looking at upgrading the Marshall's keel to get some real righting moment, and I'm really interested on what it cost you, as I will be getting everything done by others. I'm under no illusions about costs, but I need to figure out just how big the bill will be!! If you could pm me how YOU got on, I'd appreciate it. Loving this thread.. Cheers, Smithy.

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Well, I'm about to actually get the keel done on Airship - boat comes out Monday.


The can is ex-Recreation and 1840mm long, new 720kg bulb by Mike Rees Castings. The fin will be faired to a new profile from Brett Bakewell-White.


The work will be done by Matt at MG Composites in Welly.


I'm currently trying to work out what documentation is needed - based on series date of around 1983 the YNZ regs indicate full-on ISO certification is not required unless I want Cat 2 or better. But obviously I want to know the structure will support the new loads, and to get Cat 3 I need a level of design documentation to satisfy the Safety Inspector (that bit at least is stated in the regs).


If budget allows I want to also replace the cockpit.


Here's a big shout out to Redline and Ptown for pics and advice from their keel jobs.

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Airship keel is now off. Apparently the nuts were loose, but the bolts tight as a whatzit.


Was planning to go the Redline route and put in new floors between the existing, but thinking now just to go the Entertainer route and just replace with what we need. The logic is: 1. we don't actually know much about the existing ones; 2. we can put new ones in to align with new bolts. 

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Great job Bob


These are such great boats with the keel done!


I just got the mast back in TE after our slight mishap so was out having a shakedown yesterday before the Coastal. You'll have to come up one year!

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