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Fiberglass rods

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Shann or QCD are the obvious marine ones. But also perhaps Polynet, which makes agricultural netting, and so sells fibreglass rods for under bird nets. May be cheaper...

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We might have some bits at Norths sails. Have heaps of old stuff there. How long are the lengths you need? We can order it for you if we don't have what you need. Normally comes within a day.

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Here in the US, I got mine at the Home Improvement Store.   They are about 6 mm diameter and are know as "Driveway Markers"  


In retrospect, I think that 12mm PVC would work just as well or even better (assuming your edge pockets can handle the extra diameter)

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Ed - I was curious as to what the edge of your tramp looks like.   Do you have a pic handy?


Here is how the 6mm glass rods on the inside edge pocket flex when under load (I'm standing on the tramp) - they distribute the load among many attachment points.   Again, I think that 12 mm pvc would also do a nice job here.  


Let us know what you end up doing...




As interest, the guy who built my GBE/Wildfire glassed a 3cm ledge of cedar along the inside gunnels through which the outer tramp edge is through bolted.   It seems to be holding up well with no rot after 13 years.   There is a very thin 3mm or so aluminum strip along the top.   The tramp material is folded three times at the edge, a hole melted through with a hot phillips screwdriver.  Through bolt is 6mm +nylok nut and everything well caulked with 3m 4000 series.




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