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Shark Attacks Surfer Mick Fanning live on TV!

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There was 2 attacks in 3 days while we were in Aus recently in an area we often surf,   2 guys bumped off boards and another guy lucky to live with major leg injurys, I bought a bigger board so my legs were further out of the water and avoided surfing alone or at dawn or dusk.

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Sharks have a &*^% of a lot more to fear from us than vice versa. There are over 300 species of shark, only about 7 are considered a threat to humans.


If that shark had really wanted to eat Mick, it would have done so. Unfortunately that "test bite" can sometimes end fatally for a human. In this case the teat bite appears to have got his leg strap only. Very lucky.


More people are killed by lightening every year. Sharks and other wildlife are part of the ecosystem we live in. At some point, you will die.


Get over it, take sensible precautions, assess the risks you are willing to take, and enjoy your life while you have it!  

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uuummh, erice, humans kill more humans than the rest of the species combined kill humans.


 We're the the most dangerous animal/species on the planet - to ourselves and to other species.


Mossies kill bugger all humans in comparison to humans killing humans.


I sincerely hope there's a more intelligent species out there than us - it would be really disappointing to me if humans are the the highest intelligence in the universe. 

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