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Departing NZ April 16

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Time has come to move Fruition over the ditch from Auckland to Brisbane.


We are planning (weather window dependent) to leave mid April.


So a few questions:

- Any idea if you can clear out of BOI (or Auckland) on a weekend or after hours, and of so whether it costs a fortune?

- Anyone else planning on heading in that direction at that time?

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We came in to BOI last year and they were very helpful,  prepared to meet us at Whangaroa as weather was pretty bad and weekends was fine, there was no charge for services other than duty and gst as we were importing a boat. There was nothing to pay when we left Bundaberg either, they did say you need to contact them before arrival in Aus and emailing or calling them now is not too early, they prefer 6 months notice than 6 hours.

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You can clear into or out of Auckland 7 days a week and probably Opua if you book and definitely in the season, but just email the address below, they are very helpful



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Fruition and her crew made it to Brisbane.


Departed Auckland Friday evening 15 April for the BOI for a final shakedown. Sailed through the night and arrived into BOI at lunchtime Saturday for final checks and fresh bread / ice / showers before clearing customs at Opua at 12.30pm on Sunday 17 April. 


We had a pretty lazy sail up the NZ coast in a 10-15 knot NE, with the only drama being a bang followed by the mainsail coming sliding down the track. Fearing the worst (a broken halyard) we diverted to Whangaroa (we were only about 3nm from the entrance) to effect repairs. Called Customs who were very appreciative that we had taken had let them know we were stopping. In the end it was a shackle pin that had come loose, so a quick trip up the mast and all was sorted.


We cleared Cape Reinga about 4am (after motor sailing for a few hours which then filled into a nice Southerly) and went past the Three Kings about 9am. We slowed down for a fish - best fishing ever. 105cm Kingfish, big eye tuna and XOS snapper on board in quick succession and we were off with fresh fish to last us a few days.


The predicted SE kicked in and we had 80 hours flying the gennaker, with one gybe. New top speed of 20.3 knots, a 24 hour run of 230nm, regular bursts into the high teens. Weather gods were very kind.


A few technical hitches (such as finding hydraulic fluid in the bilge from the new auto helm install and a line wrapped around the port prop) kept us on our toes.


The forecast by PredictWind (Using the Offshore app / IridiumGo setup) was spot on. Great service by them all round. We were able to keep in contract with the shore crew by text and the tracker let those following us keep an eye on progress.


With 200nm to go to Cape Moreton (Brisbane) the forecast was for the SE / E winds we had for 5+ days to die for 12 hours and to then fill in with a 25 knot Southerly. This was spot on, except the 25 knot Southerly became 35 knots gusting 45 (one gust of 50 knots), which saw us down to our deep (third) reef in the main and most of the headsail rolled away - still seeing regular squirts into the high teens as we surfed down the waves. We ran into the East Coast current (running North to South) about 100nm off Cape Moreton which, against the Southerly which has now been blowing for 12 hours saw the sea state start to get quite big 4m+. By midnight we were about 40nm off Cape Moreton. The sea state was getting worse (6m with green tops). We slide sideways down one wave at an angle of heel that was 'uncomfortable' on a catamaran, and took one over the back that must have been 6m+ with the top 2m breaking into the cockpit and dinghy. A minor bit of damage and a few shaken nerves (now good stories) and we were around Cape Moreton and into the relative shelter of Moreton Bay at about 4am. A long slog to windward and we cleared into Customs at 11am.


Great adventure, great crew and great boat.   

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Presumably you are keeping the boat in Brisbane for use Andrew - or are you thinking of selling her over there?

Good to hear your trip over went well :)

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Great to hear you made it safely

Such a typical trip with motorsailing at one end and a bouncy ride at the other but a dream sail in the middle. People never believe me when I tell them the hard bits are always around the edges

Good to here that the Predictwind/Irridium Go package worked out so well for you also.

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