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darwin award

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woops. source was NZ Newswire on MSN site.


Who gets the award? the numb skulls that were rescued or the 'authorities' who have to think about whether to investigate. God knows how long it

would take to decide if they should prosecute.

Seems to me the authorities should take a concrete pill and do their job. If they don't, idiots will always act with impunity, and meanwhile those

who do act responsibly get accused of wasting 'responders' time.

I think the rescued people on this occasion should pay for it. No life jacket no excuse

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Life jackets not being worn? Refer to this crew forum discussion not long ago to get an idea about how people here feel about compulsory wearing of life jackets.

Remember that life jackets must be worn when crossing a bar. Just as life jackets must be carried on all vessels and should be worn during periods of heightened risk. It's a pretty simple and easy rule. 

However, life jackets are not the cure to stupidity, and can and do cause accidents. Especially trapping people in inverted vessels or under things.

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Updated story above. The article says that Police previously reported that the crew were not wearing life jackets - could mean anything in the context of NZ's tabloid journos! Council is investigating all aspects of the accident - for lots of different reasons.

Probably best to let it play out over the next few weeks before jumping on too many soap boxes or to too many conclusions!

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