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PIC Coastal Classic 2016 - solo division, seminar for new entrants

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Entries are open! Get in there.


We are working with Top Yacht this year on the entry system. This is a great system that is tried and true thanks to other yacht clubs. If you have used TopYacht before, your details will already be in there and you'll just need to update them. Unfortunately, we weren't able to carry over details from our old system. Please feel free to send us any feedback or questions and your help is appreciated if you do spot any kinks. 


PS Thanks Matt for spotting my blooper in the newsletter. 

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Currently the web site does not show a view of entrants as per division and handicaps as per previous years. And actually I cannot find a list of what the divisions are now on the web site? Will changes be made to show these in an easy to view format as previously?

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Hi Dave,


Yes - we are just waiting for a few more entries.  Its all a bit time consuming so I like to do it in blocks.  In previous years we wouldn't start assigning yachts to divisions until September and no one is assigned a division until I've confirmed payment in anycase. 


The team at TopYacht also have their hands full just at the moment with Arlie Beach so once that's dusted we'll be able to generate some more user friendly tables.




PIC Insurance Brokers Coastal Classic

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