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If anyone is interested I have started a sailing blog . We have a Catalina 7 trailer sailer and have just started out, as you will see I am pretty new to sailing but keen to get out and have some fun.


Please feel free to comment and offer any helpful tips, I'm learning as I go and I'm not scared to share my mistakes. When I was reading up on sailing I couldn't find enough of this type of thing so hopefully others find it interesting and possibly useful.


The site puts the newest blog at the top which is annoying if you want to read in chronological order, so If you want to start from the beginning scroll to the bottom or use the index on the right hand side. 


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Brilliant blog kiwifish.


I'm from Hamilton also and belong to the Waikato Yacht Squadron. I've got a Moonraker 23 up at a Kawakawa bay.

Hopefully will be heading out for a sail this weekend around Waiheke.


Keep up the good work.




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Hi Weaver


Thank you


We are also in the club, should be up Saturday for the night might see you up there.


We plan on trying to get to Oneroa for fish & chips lol weather dependant otherwise probably end up at chamberlains

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Been reading this - it's really cool!  I wish I'd kept such a record when starting out.  But then, I also wish I'd plugged into the clubs earlier too.  You guys have done a great job - I'll look forward to reading your posts - go well! :-)

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if you ever see a black schooner somewhere come over and say hi (have a shower if you want).


Will do,sounds like there could be a queue though....


just being aboard a yacht with standing room would be a luxury!



Thanks again for the books BP

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Well done - she looks a lovely wee ship, enjoy the trailer sailer scene.

I had a trailer sailer for 6 years - loved it (but thought keeler would be better soooooo sold her and bought a small keeler.....), have had the keeler for the last 5 years - seriously thinking of going back to trailer yachting.

Nothing against keelers, but several things (including cost) making me second guess the decision to go to keelers.


Keep up the blog!!!!

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We still have the trailersailer in the front yard - was really awesome to sell my last yacht but still have a yacht to go sailing on - last summer we put hard anti-foul on it and put it on the poles at westhaven.  Since bringing it home it's cost $0.00 - love it!  

The new boat on the other hand...

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BP we went out yesterday, saw a big black yacht and climbed aboard, got yelled at by about 40 screaming school kids!!!!!


I said "I just want to have a shower" as the angry mob threatened violence and chased me off their boat!!!!!


Your boat is called "spirit of New Zealand" isn't it??

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