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"Spying in the America's Cup is an age-old tradition.

Not so traditional is the event authority publicly commenting on information gained via spying and then offering repair advice"


They aren't exactly recommending West system 105 with the slow hardener, but they are definitely offering advice on the repair... classic.

More BS than a dairy shed.


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Fish - i agree - but a story stating that exactly the same sh*t that has always gone down, is still going down, is not a story. There - that's​ my opinion! Oh and the fact that TNZ don't really make much of this sort of sh*t shows you that they know exactly what they're up against - have always known​ - don't really give a sh*t and are just hell bent on doing what they can with what they've got to try and get the f**kin thing back. No different to the days of KZ 1

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My punt on the practice racing thing, there will be a number of days TNZ could do practice racing with the other teams in Bermuda. I expect they wont. 

If they are faster, they wont wont to show that until they have to. The earlier they show they are faster, the sooner someone can either catch up, copy them, or lodge some sort of legal move to screw them up.

They are already on the outside, marching to their own tune, may as well carry on.

Better to keep the powder dry.


Will be interesting to see what Dalton decides when they get there.

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Someone has to have an opinion on something.

Island Time needs some traffic to keep the site going...

Actually, the site stats are pretty even - this from google analytics, for anyone interested;


Screenshot from 2017-03-31 21-10-05.png


Still the busiest maritime website in NZ by a fair bit...

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