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Any good 12V Wet & Dry vacuum cleaners out there?

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Expanding clippers post lightly, no there are no good ones. Not that I know of anyway. The reason is very simply that any decent Vaccy needs a good suckymota  and to get a good suckymota, you need power and at 12V, the current required to get a good suck is a lot.
So lets say you have a normal wet and dry workshop job with a modest power rating of just 800W. If you want that in 12V, you would be looking at a current draw of 67A.
The only 12V ones I have come across are either the handheld Dustbuster type handhelds that will suck up water as well as dust, or some very nasty cheap units made to plug into a ciggy lighter socket. The most powerful 12V I have ever seen is just 200w, which is not a very suckymota.

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Not wet.

There are a few of the of the rechargeable cordless ones around. We've got a black and decker from farmers that is handy on the boat. Charge it at home, lasts long enough. I normally take it if I'm taking tools for a DIY / maintenance session. Gets in all those fiddly spots under the floor boards.

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Waeco make a wet and dry with a reasonable size holding tank. We used to have one and vacuumed the boat and cleaned out the bilge just fine.


They were about $150 from memory

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