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Urban Cowboy on Bean Rock Yesterday

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When I first saw them I thought they would be holed and sink.  They were being pounded by the wind and waves onto the rocks between Doris and the lighthouse. 

I was amazed that they got off under their own steam.

Some of the crew were spotted at the club afterwards looking not to bad, so maybe only a scratched keel?

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I texted one of the owners. No structural damage and all crew OK. Reckons the bulb might not be so streamlined any more but otherwise OK. Main blown out... Tough buggers those Ross 40s!!


Ah that would explain why they were racing with jib only. 

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A day in the life of Urban Cowboy


Thanks for all the well wishes in the thread and yes, all are safe and the boat will live to fight another day.


We started with a blast down the harbour with the fractional chute, managed to get 16.9 knots indicated for a few seconds. After turning at the bottom mark we decided to go to a second reef during which the main unzipped for the third time this year - main has had 7 years of tough use and may have had its last sail. A new one was ordered a while back and we await delivery. So we decided to sail back under jib only and finish the race. While we had speed we could not point and ended up close to Bean Rock, at which time we had a problem (I have no details because I did not see what happened) that lead to the jib sheet being let go whereupon we immediately lost momentum and could not tack out. We started the motor and tried to tack the boat but really had no where to go and ultimately we drifted sideways until we touched down - quite gently given the conditions. We got the jib down, got the crew into life jackets and called the coast guard. After a couple of minutes or so, that felt like a life-time, we managed to get everything lined up and were able to back off the rock. A quick check downstairs showed no sign of water so we journeyed back to Westhaven. Boat has been up on the floating dock this morning and we are happy to report that the damage is cosmetic - bottom of the bulb will need to be faired again and we have lost an amount of fairing off the keel. The hull and rudder are untouched. So, a bit of hard work and some epoxy and we will be back up and running. 


Once again thanks for the well wishes in this thread. The story could have turned out much worse for sure, but we will be back.

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