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Location of Gas Detectors

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Low, but some cannot get wet. So read the manual!

Yep. Ours is mounted behind the stove. In a confused sea a couple of days ago, I spilled four ounces of wine right over it. Cleaned up the spill and thought nothing of it until it came time to light the oven to cook dinner. No go. Checked the manual, which said essentially: it's toast. I wiped the wine off as best I could without any joy.


Luckily there was a way to disable the sensors and start the oven, so dinner was saved.


BUT the next morning when I began to make coffee the sensor worked like a charm. I guess 90 minutes behind a heated oven baked it dry enough to work.

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The sensors are very suspectible to any fumes - fly spray , cleaning materials etc let alone water.

You must make sure any hatches above are properly sealed or closed when it rains as it all can cause problems .

I recently replaced a sensor and as the connecting wire was still in perfect order just cut and resoldered the new sensor (BEP) but apparently even resoldering isn’t good and you should replace the whole wire which when it is routed through all sorts of corners is a pain :(

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Interesting lesson over christmas, dont put it over top of the house batteries - when they charge they can release a little bit of hydrogen gas if they are lead acid.

This trips the sensor off too...

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Personally I really like the idea of having one in the gas Locker itself.


I see threat number one as a leak up there (ours is fwd locker) and it has a vent but that could become blocked.


It sounds like the detectors don't like salt water however and due to the vent it is a wet compartment on starboard tack.

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