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  1. That would be a Townsend 30 at that year.
  2. Those look really good. I am not sure about carbon, probably a glass one would be fine as it is only for a Davidson 29. I will take photos and measurements of my existing one. Thankyou for all the good information.
  3. Has anyone here made or have seen a composite propeller shaft strut? My old stainless one is failing. Bronze ones seem really heavy. I was thinking one made with g10 possibly.
  4. It is not listed that I know of but every boat is for sale.
  5. Norwester

    Ross 35

    She was competing in the Hawaii to Hiroshima Race under Japanese ownership. I can't remember what year that was.
  6. Norwester

    Ross 35

    The old Uptown Girl was lost on Pearl and Hermes reef many years ago.
  7. That's the one I saw. I have tried googling every name possible but no luck yet.
  8. I have the spinlock extension but this one I saw on the JPK 1080 was an actual handle attached to the tiller and adjustable and removable. It looked to be designed for short handed racing.
  9. Has anyone seen the tiller handles they are using on the euro jpk 1080.They seem to be a separate product from the tiller and adjustable side to side. Great looking piece of equipment.
  10. Three multis got taken out by collisions with logs this year.
  11. Thanks for the good information. Soda blasting might just be the trick and that Nyalic is available here so I am going to try it.
  12. I am going to sand off the paint on my mast and just go bare alloy. I am looking for waxing or other easy polishing ideas.
  13. Dogs should be allowed ashore if they are on a leash. I take my dog everywhere on the boat. Usually all the parks have walking trails.
  14. I remember seeing Whale Rock breaking in a big swell decades ago.
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