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  1. Three multis got taken out by collisions with logs this year.
  2. Thanks for the good information. Soda blasting might just be the trick and that Nyalic is available here so I am going to try it.
  3. I am going to sand off the paint on my mast and just go bare alloy. I am looking for waxing or other easy polishing ideas.
  4. Dogs should be allowed ashore if they are on a leash. I take my dog everywhere on the boat. Usually all the parks have walking trails.
  5. I remember seeing Whale Rock breaking in a big swell decades ago.
  6. You might see my brothers new to him Roger Hill 40 Harmony. He keeps it in Whangarei. Nice boat.
  7. What do the BOI bottom police do about the big cruise ships that come in there?
  8. Thankyou everyone for all the great information. Is that a picture of Positive Touch in the latest RNZYS Breeze doing a Rum Race? Cheers, Tom Andrewes.
  9. I am looking for any information on this design. My son has just purchased one that is in the Netherlands and was supposedly built in England. Thanks for your time.
  10. I have mine underneath the propane locker and close to where the propane line attaches to the stove.
  11. You are lucky to be down there. Still snowing up here.
  12. Is the Davidson 42 Outlaw still in Auckland. That was a beautifully built boat.
  13. I make the painter about a dinghy length but still have to shorten it before reversing.
  14. The Davidson 30 would be a great boat for Auckland. It does need a new keel and rudder though. Kevin Dibley has done new keel and rudder designs for my 29 so he would be well worth a talk to.
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