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Transom wheels

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We are going to put transom wheels on the dinghy for launching. Its a 3.2 Southern Pacific inflatable.


Seems to be a few varieties out there. Anyone want recommend some. Dont want anything that rusts.


Need to still be able to get outboard on.





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Just wondering what the KIZO MARINE Ultimate Dinghy Wheels as used by OC Tenders would be like?

The acid test of any dinghy wheel is how they behave in soft sand - the kind you can walk on ok and want to go ashore and pull the dinghy + o/b up the beach. To cope with that iou need a solid wheel - the ones in your pics look attractive cos they’re wide but they will sink into soft sand and fill up and bog down. A solid pneumatic tyre is the best option for dealing with that. My Beachmasters often have to carry a 2.8m dinghy with 15hp o/b plus fuel tank and other crap up a soft sand beach and cope far better than any other wheels I’ve had.

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Maybe if it was going to not fit on deck or something like that

Ours fit in behind the pontoons so out of the way

One thing I’d suggest is mount them as far outbound as possible as I’ve noticed ours bounces a bit on rocky beaches

That said I find the BM piece of cake to just lift the bow on my own and pull it up over anything where as others with the plastic wheels often struggle in the same places.

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Beachmaster are good, however the removable version install with caution.  Make sure you get the template exact otherwise you will struggle to remove them/put them back on!  Also the lugs on the removable Beachmaster version over time become very hard to move by hand and require some force via a screwdriver (probably sand in between the two surfaces).  On smaller tenders expect some spray back when on the plane from them if you leave them installed and up.  


Otherwise concur a fantastic product and great support. 

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