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Antifouling Props

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Can any one advise on a long standing debate.....

Antifouling of the bottom I think I have covered (or at least think I know what I will be doing this time round)

The saildrive and prop is a different story.

I have sent down a camera and Propspeed all looks to be in pretty good shape apart from some scraping off of the critters.

I am not keen to sand off back to bare metal, and then replace the Propspeed at not inconsiderable cost.

What are the alternatives?

Paint with Trilux 33 or Pettit which are designed for Aluminium parts?

Any alternative thoughts??

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In our experience Propspeed is by a long distance the best solution. Provided it is correctly applied. Regular use will prolong its life. We have seen up to and exceeding 3 years lifespan and 1-2 years is routine. If it touches anything firm (eg hands, weed, sand or driftwood) there is a likelihood it will not last as the surfaces and especially the edges can tear or rub through. If this occurs the effectiveness of the product will degenerate. Our failure rate would be less than 1%. Again you must prep and apply it carefully and correctly.

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I'm using lanolin

 BP, 2 questions:


- what brand are you using?

- are you putting it on under water?


The reason I ask about the brand is that the current Lanocote product is a POS.  They have changed from the "amber" mix to a very fluid green mix, which does not appear to be water resistant.

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