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New entry requirements for New Caledonia

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This advice came from Island Cruising NZ today, looks like New Cal wants compulsory travel insurance and guessing the repatriation requirement is a ticket to your country of residency. seems like they are imposing similar rules to Tahiti

Worth checking out further if you are going to be voyaging there.

New Caledonia Immigration requirements 2019.jpg


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According to a post on the Island cruising association the "repatriation" bit relates to return of a dead body and should be part of the travel insurance. 



"Repatriation is the returning home of the body, remains or ashes of someone who has died outside of their country or their normal place of residence.

For those who have died overseas and wish to be repatriated to New Zealand, most of the cost can often be covered by their travel insurance policy. Before proceeding, check with the travel insurance provider."

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Tahiti used to waive the "return ticket" thing if you were an EU citizen... not sure that's still the case. 



That still applies - also if you have an EU passport ( I think a British one will still qualify -once Brexit is finalised who knows) there is no 3 month time limit ie you can stay indefinitely and obviously don’t need air ticket out .

If you are entering on a NZ passport and want more than 3 months you will need to apply for a visa extension from the French Embassy in Wellington before you go - this process will require you making a booking and flying down to Wellington with relevant info and you need to allow at least 8 weeks for it to come through ( the application goes to Paris and back !) so allow for this before departure .

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