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Brand new high performance keeler for only $89,000

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Mark do you know if Niksen is a 2nd hand import ? Have noticed that they come from the factory with very basic sails and no trailer . 2nd hand ones in Oz are asking 20k more than the new price which is pretty good considering they are fully sorted , extensive sail wardrobes , trailer , electronics etc

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They look like very nice yachts. Brand new out of the wrapper for 89k seems pretty good value too.


It will be interesting to see how they perform against the Sr's and Ross boats. 

Hi Phil, according to Racetrack higher than the SR26's or Ross 930's, around the Young 11's/Elliot 1050's.

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Most of the offshore rating systems (IRC, ORC etc) put them about 1-2% slower than a Mumm 30.  Kohara in Tauranga looks very fast, think they're 2 and 2 versus Frenzy at the moment.  Niksen in Auckland as said early days and only done races that wouldn't really suit the boat.  Think they've entered the squaddy twilights with the 930s, J88, Tigga and ourselves so expect we'll have a better idea of how and when they go at the end of the season.
Can't argue with the price though, accepted you may want to spend more on sail and one or two other upgrades but it has to be a third of the cost of any competition that's less than five years old.

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I'll take it when it's in the offing!

It was easy to see the apparent pace of the boat but yes they had a couple of mares in that race.

90k not a lot for a new boat but in saying that - I'm leaving my 20k 80's ross tip truck at Russell again after this years Coastal to do another 14 day xmas cruise with the wife and kids and that's the saving grace for my yacht racing campaign!

Mum would let me spend $89k on a Young 11 but not on another skiff

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