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Canvas work @Westhaven

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I have been trying to get someone to give me a quote to replace the dodger, boom cover and sheet bags on my boat. I thought I would get in before summer so I have been trying to get someone to do the work for the past few months. So far everyone I have spoken to is either too busy or fails to comes back to me with a quote.


Is there anyone reliable (that doesn't cost the earth) that you can recommend for canvas work on a boat at Westhaven please?

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Canopy & Squab Shop under sails restaurant. :thumbup:


This isn't advice that can help you now but I've found that I need to book marine work in march or april to be done during the winter. Trying to book hard stand, mechanics, painters, anti foul, riggers, sail makers, gas fitters, boat builders, surveyors, etc etc any time after August is a hit & (mostly) miss affair.


So I diary in march each year to look at everything on the boat that might need doing - and book it then.


Then again, Murphy's Law applies, you never know what you might forget or what might go wrong just before summer - I now need a boat builder to do something before Xmas................. :roll:

Not a hope in hell.

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I accepted a quote for a bimini, dodger and infill from someone recommended before in this forum (and this thread) in May 2018. I waited for 4 months and after many calls, was given a number of excuses, only to be finally told that he was "moving away from marine work". It was pretty disappointing to be let down after patiently waiting for so long and so close to summer.


I ended up going with Calibre Sails in Whangarei (don't let the location put you off, our boat is in Auckland) They measured in a week and I had everything done and side clears a couple of weeks after paying the deposit. I was extremely impressed with their work.

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