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Underwater sticky stuff!

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What is it exactly that you are trying to glue on and why?

You are not going to get an underwater glue that will adhere to Rubber. Not that i know of anyway. Perhaps talk to one of the Glue selling experts.
However, I do know of a flexible kind of product similar to rubber that is like a really thick (maybe 2mm thick) adhesive tape that will adhere underwater. It is used to seal leaks and comes in a really large size. Not sure who sells it, but I have seen it on TV, so assume it will be Bunnings or Mega10. Always thought I should get some of that, but never got around to it.

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I havent seen this stuff for years but it was impressive!



Salesman applied a bead of sealant to a piece of polished stainless steel (that i gave to him from our stocks) while it was under a running cold water tap! 

we used it in wet industrial applications with good results.

No relationship at all...

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Seal Once is not an Adhesive though. It will have enough strength to hold something not under any load, but under a bit of load it will pull apart.

Kneed it will not adhere to Rubber. There are many Epoxy Putties that will stick and harden underwater, but they are too rigid once hard to be able to adhere well to rubber.

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it is a corner of my saildrive rubber, not mission critical but would like to stick it back to the hull for the break,  no time available on the heard stand, but i am up for a half hour next week so i though dry it up as much as possible and put something on that will set underwater.  Only has to last a month then I can do it properly

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