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Hoisting main single handed

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RIght'o y'all can get back to the Elliot and it's mainsail in a sec.  Sorry for the thread drift, unintended as it was, but since a few "damming" comments have been made about junk rigs, I will say my piece and move on...


Firstly, Ok...guilty as charged....I made a light hearted comment of a literally just a few words, way early on in this thread about changing to junk rig...(I mean, a JR sail is really easy to raise sail, and to reef) nothing more nothing less, not meant to be taken seriously......so anyway, yeah- I'm guilty as charged for the so called "unhelpful" comment.
But jeez, I didn't denigrate bermudan rigs, nor was I intending too.  
All rigs are good for what they do...propel a man made machine over H2o......surely one of the greatest inventions of civilisation are boats and the rigs that propel them....I love all boats and their rigs, even the ugly ones. Variety is the spice of life.  I lust love boats full stop.
Having said all that - this is a open forum on an internet, so if you want to say all Junk Rigs are ugly, and useless to windward, then I will defend your right to do so as we don't live in communist China.....even if I don't agree with you...but some of them do look kind of ok...


Vid is from a light air day on the Waitemata. 'Barrel cut' sail to help with that drive to windward, because yes, flat cut JR sails are not the greatest when sailing to weather, and the camber really does help.  I have no problem getting my short water line boat to hull speed...



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When i firts rigged my new full batten main i thought i had made a tragic mistake: I had to winch it the whole way.

A few good squirts of silicone lube later, i could hoist the whole mainsail by hand and just use the winch for final luff tension.

Figure out your friction problems and deal to them.



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