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When lying on its side there appears to be a line attached to the hull which I imagine they're pulling to help with righting her.  It thought these boats were supposed to be self righting if the foils were configured correctly (both down?).

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The footage from Instagram shows the American syndicate’s smaller AM38 test boat flying nose first into the water, with the boat quickly capsizing.


It's understood it was late last year in the earlier stages of training, but the American Magic crew are yet to reveal exactly when or where the incident happened.

It's also believed former Team New Zealand skipper Dean Barker was at the helm at the time.


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Yes, around 2-30pm, witnessed by a friends, Te Whatever  tacked and then toppled over in a froth Of white water. Out near Motuhie Island. Spectacular and hopefully no one hurt. Righted again within a few minutes aided by chase boats , jib  lowered slowly and towed away .. this was his account to me as he watched. No, it’s to April fools day ....

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Based on the rising public debate last week, I expect we'll see an announcement about special entry for America's Cup teams next up......in july for aug?

The transtasman travel bubble has also been in the spotlight, and announcements about plans and progress will build over the coming weeks......in july for aug?

Next up we can expect to see the Government talk more openly about plans for allowing foreign students back for the start of the 2021 academic year.......in nov for jan?


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