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"Wrighty" by Alan Wright

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Would love to  learn more about Alan Wright, cannot find out much on the internet.  I live in the UK and own a Lotus 9.2.   If anybody has a copy kicking about I would happily buy it.  My daughter lives near Ashburton and could handle the purchasing/postage.



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11 hours ago, chariot said:

Is your boat timber or glass. Be interested in it's history in the UK.

She came to the UK as deck cargo, there are some gaps in her history, which is what i'm trying to sort out now.  So far, I have that she was built by a lovely guy called Gordon Patrick in NZ..   The boat was named after his two daughters, Carey and Tessa,  Hence "Caressa" Lovely story and a great name which we have kept.  Gordon is sadly no longer with us.  How and why she was deported I don't know.  She was home built, I think between 1982/85, sail number is 4352.  She is a glass hull, with a timber deck and top.  She is club raced here in the UK and is quite successful.  Everybody loves her, she's quite different to all the AWB's we have here.  She's been extensively re-fitted and sailed considerably over the years.  Down below is testament to Gordons beautiful cabinetry, it hasn't been touched, but still looks wonderful and still perfectly practical. 

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