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Holding tank pong

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Nilodor just masks the issue. Make sure the vented loop valve is installed correctly, and the vent goes outside, preferably with a carbon filter to remove the odors. 

Then get a cloth, pour hot water on it, and rub it on the waste hoses, then smell it - if the scent transfers to the cloth, the hoses must be replaced - they go permeable over time.

Finally, of course, and probably first - there are no leaks anywhere, right?


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We use biomagic from Burnsco for general freshness. But if you want to manage the smell while you are actually working on it, I'd recommend a 3M mask from Burnsco with the carbon filters, often referred to as fighter pilots masks. Plenty of places supply them other than Burnsco, like  M10. You need the organic vapour filters, which add to the price:


Hard to find these on the interweb just now, they were in demand due to the Rona. The carbon filter will adsorb a lot of the volatile organics that give that gagging smell, including hydrogen sulphide, but also other decomposition compounds like methyl sulphides and mercaptans.

The other thing you can do is get the pH up to or above 9. That reduces the amount of hydrogen sulphide by about 92%. On an industrial scale magnesium oxide works really well. You can get it from a farm supply store as a stock feed supplement. But it is hard to dissolve and you'll have a hell of a time getting it out of your tank again. I get mixed up on the chemistry on getting the pH up, but that is where the baking soda might actually work. And baking soda is cheap as chips and easy to dissolve.

Good luck...



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