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Longest lasting battery ain't Energiser

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Imagine the Energiser Bunny lasting hundreds or maybe even thousands of years on just one battery without ever needing recharging. Or how about a Boat Battery Bank that could power your boat, without recharging, for ruffly 50yrs. Sound impossible????? Well maybe not anymore. OK, so not just yet.
A Firm in the US have just discovered a way of making it possible. In fact on a very tiny scale, they have actually done it. Although I guess the longevity is going to be a hard one to prove. They actually believe they can produce a Battery that could power someones Pacemaker for about 28000yrs. (no I didn't add too many Zeros in that figure).
I do see some interesting hurdles though.
What they have done, is as I understand it. I could be wrong in the finer details, but the following is pretty close. They take some Nuclear Waste and Pure Carbon and they crush the Carbon into a Diamond. The Nuclear waste is inside the Diamond. As you likely know, Diamonds are very slowly self eroding away all the time. But very very slowly. As this reduction is taking place, a reaction happens between the Diamond and the Nuclear waste inside it, which results in an Electrical Current. All they have to do is then add more diamonds till they get enough Voltage and Energy. There is no mention of what amount of electrical energy is produced, so how many you need to produce a large Vehicle Battery, I have no idea. They say the process is cheap, because there is plenty of Nuclear waste available and the process of making Diamonds is well established.
I also have no clue as to how they connect one diamond to another. How Polarity works and I think one the of the really big questions is, how do they get their hands on the Nuclear Waste.
Nor have they said if the battery radiates Nuclear Radiation in anyway. That could be a downer.

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3 hours ago, Kevin McCready said:

Link? But before you do please run it by your own BS filter using these guidelines:


Google "diamond battery". 

This idea and the theory is not new, it has been around for a long time. NASA used a similar process for powering deep space probes.

I find it quite reasonable to believe that scientists would be working to miniaturise this tech and making discoveries along the way. 

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 Kevin, I read all sorts of Research everyday. I am not on Websites that I have to apply BS Filters to. You should know that of me by now surely.
Although yes there has been a lot of BS posted on this concept and easy to find with a quick google search. It can also be found on sites like Snopes.

However, my story is different. This is actual research by a company that has released their findings.
As CD has stated just above and the company themselves have said, it is not new. NASA has used a similar process before. However, what NASA has done is not in anyway something that can be used in our everyday life down here. I believe that they use a Diamond within a Radioactive Field. This Company has taken the concept a step further where the Radioactive material is on the inside of the Diamond and the active material used is Carbon 14. However, Scaling it up to a usable, safe, and viable Battery for normal everyday use is a very different story and many many years away I imagine. And maybe not even possible at all. But then, Science is playing with the idea of creating a miniature Sun to give us endless cheap energy and that was once thought of as crazy and impossible.
I just thought it might have been something of interest to read on a very slow BB of late. In my view, it is a very clever idea and sits right up there with the likes of Fusion Energy.

To keep Kevin happy, I have managed to track down the Company that provided the research I read.


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"NDB speaks of low- and high-power versions of the cell in development, but until we see some output figures the claims are still hazy, and until we see some proof, they're just claims," said Loz Blain, a tech writer at New Atlas.

Steven Novella of the publication NEUROLOGICA blog questions how the batteries will reach sufficient output to be as effective as NDB's developers claim. "This all sounds great," Novella says, "but there is a critical factor left out… What is the power density of these devices?" Specs from similar projects utilizing radioactive fuel, Novella suggests, show "the power density is extremely low, much lower than chemical batteries like lithium-ion. The engineers from NDB admit their power density is about the same as other nuclear diamond technology."

Typical marketing spruik. Claims proof of concept but not even a prototype. Far too early to tout this.

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1 hour ago, ballystick said:

The image in the article looks like a microchip with bling, that makes me a bit dubious as batteries tend to have fewer connections, or at least in series. May be parallel on a circuit board?

It's almost certainly an artistic impression.

Other atomic batteries look like that, so it's probably not an unreasonable impression...  https://citylabs.net/products/


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