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Wgtn's Sealion

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From the Trade Me ad 

"The water tight integrity is somewhat compromised due to the (localised) areas of erosion & resultant water ingress There was a towel/rag pushed in to a hull breach at waterline. The port side appeared to have more areas of potential diminished (watertight) integrity, however there was a similar occurrences on both sides."

It would take enormous amounts of money to make the hull water tight. The Detroit hasn't run for many years (decades) and the steel superstructure is so rusty you can see thru it.

The harbour master has said that they would not let it leave the harbour !  

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bought for $5

and intending to make its home a comune in nelson...

A conditional contract was signed, and the deal was done. The harbourmaster was in touch soon after, saying Myers wasn’t legally allowed to depart Wellington without their approval of seaworthiness.

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