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Winter weekends - tell us your Friday night to Sunday night route

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I'm new to this sailing gig but very much enjoying it.  We are not racing anywhere, but are are exploring the Gulf and finding new to us locations each time we go out.

Winter sets a new challenge with short cool days and almost certain foul weather from time to time.  But it also gives great clear days and the promise of some reasonable breeze.

So, after all that poetry, here's the deal.

Post up your Winter Weekend route.  Tell me about where, when, what the required wind direction and strength might be, what the highlights of the weekend might be, and any tips for any landfall you might suggest including where to eat, get a drink, watch a sunset, dangle a fishing line, whatever.

The route should be a Friday evening to Sunday evening thing, but I am in the fortunate position of having Fridays off every second week, so a long weekend route is fine by me.

Location is anywhere in NZ, but for me the Hauraki Gulf is the primary location.



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26 minutes ago, eruptn said:

When you say anywhere in NZ, that implies a Trailer Yacht?  .. is that correct


No - we are based in Auckland and in a 10m keeler, but I figure its unhelpful to get too Auckland-centric.

Who knows, we may winter the boat in the BOI or Nelson or Wellington or somewhere at some time.  And I'd like to think the thread could be useful to people outside this ugly metropolis.

But good point - perhaps let us know what your weapon of choice is when you describe the route.  A trailer yacht is going to have a different route plan to a performance catamaran.

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Carpenter 29, Fri night depart Cocklebay for Blackpool Waiheke, 45 min under motor or sail, any wind condition/direction except a gale.

Blob out all weekend watching netflix, walking the dog, and visiting the irish pub, reverse process and de-blob Sun arvo.

When we are feeling lazy we just sit on the mooring all weekend and pretend.

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I’m semi retired so don’t need to leave in the evening, so mid morning,  depart Half moon bay, SW wind, Nice sail to Ponui, Chamberlins Bay, usually nice and smooth for a good nights sleep, if it’s still SW for the trip home, turn on the motor, easy 3 hr trip back to marina, if we are only going out for one  night we sometimes just go to Izzy Bay, good in any wind except SE, and usually smooth once the Waiheke Ferries stop running

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