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  1. Wharf Rd end of Kennedy bay, walk to Ostend (or further), then down to Ponui and return
  2. Given the rotting shitters, floating and beached around that area I think the locals have their focus in the wrong place.
  3. dutyfree

    Cruisair A/C

    A/C, why not I say
  4. go to the boat ramp at the end of wharf Rd. We go there all the time. can leave dinghy out of the way on the ramp (most of the dinghies never move there). Never had any problems in almost 20 years. Short walk to Ostend or just get a taxi. Not sure what you draw. South side of moorings has about 1m at low, almost directly inline with the ramp. Most yachts anchor more towards the car ferry, but there is space to anchor all along the sth side of the moorings with more water as you head west.
  5. The pods I see in the Firth (Ponui to TeKouma area) show only limited interest in our boat. Had them swim along side during night races, but again only briefly. Maybe they are heading to the BOI for a play holiday Never been out on the commercial swimming trips, but recall seeing 100's of dolphins when fishing out off Doubtless Bay ~20 years ago
  6. I think they use them as they are not wood and are sand filled after being driven in to the seabed? So don't rot and last longer? KM will know. All the new ones in Westhaven are the same.
  7. Consistency is not a measure of good or bad decision making, it is a measure of relativity.
  8. I like Dolphins too. Where is the actual consultation document? Why would it not be linked to the bloody press release
  9. and yachts in Westhaven marina (and launches to be fair)
  10. given how you can crack a padlock open with a couple of spanners I am not sure I would use one.
  11. 3 person household with Watercare, $60 to $70 per month. Watercare also charge for waste water at 78.5% of metered incoming.
  12. whether you need a sea anchor is really a function of wind and tide. I doubt you will need one. The drift rate matters as does your soft bait hook weight. You will need different weighted hooks even if the drift rate is low due to depth. Fundamentally you are trying to get to the bottom. Too high a drift rate versus too smaller a hook weight and you will not get there. You may need different sized soft baits, the hooks come in different lengths, the bait needs to match. Jigs can be good. There are different types and they work really well if you are fishing in a workup or you can s
  13. and bronzies swim around Fitzroy all the time, how dare they!
  14. Interesting to see Wussell throw a legal challenge over the graphics being used. Filed just before Christmas, 5th Jan response required. Classic move to leverage some $$ out of someone who is up against a deadline. Seen it in business too many times. People hope, and usually find that the other party settles to stop any disruption.
  15. But if the issue is on the intake side how does an exhaust riser fix it?
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