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  1. Yep, I was told go to small diameter piping, flushes through more for the same volume flushed, so limits how much sits in the pipe. Stick fresh water through at the end of the trip, quite a lot if your pipe length is long then vinegar.
  2. My experience is that it is like concrete. Had a plumber come with normal drain unblocking equipment and could not get through it. We pulled the piping out, I could jump on it on the dock and not break it. You could try white vinegar and just leave it to see if you can dissolve it a bit. Once you fix it, always flush through with fresh water before you leave it moored, occasionally leave white vinegar in there too.
  3. dutyfree


    Like all the rotting yachts around the place?
  4. She was our first yacht. My son sat in his car seat clipped to the mast in the saloon when he was only a few months old as we sailed along. Great memories all the best with the sale.
  5. Your used by everyone is just a strawman argument. It is quite clear that there is already a large areas that can be used by everybody. It is equally clear that there was an area that was highly used (note you did not respond to my position that it was used continuously while your uses are just occasional fantasies) that you want to be available to the amorphous "everyone". Saying you have the greater good at heart is pretty lame. I have the greater good of the whole marine ecosystem at heart via clean boats - there your go, trumped your moral superiority.
  6. So i rode through the landing in the weekend. quite interesting as there were quite a lot of dinghies etc. All lined up along the ramp, rigging, getting ready, some foil sailors rigging up, a couple of out rigger guys. Guess what? None of them were using the hard stand area, not one. It is interesting that the park proponent holds out a range of potential and occasional events, that may or may not ever be held there, versus the "mere 300" boats" a year that used the area continuously. There is already a massive park nearby if it recall........ So the hard stand needs to shut just in
  7. LOL - Temp, slight probability skew to above, rainfall down, soil follows rainfall as does river flows. Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty The table below shows the probabilities (or percent chances) for each of three categories: above average, near average, and below average. In the absence of any forecast guidance there would be an equal likelihood (33% chance) of the outcome for any of the three categories. Forecast information from local and global guidance models is used to indicate the deviation from equal chance that is expected for the coming three-month period. All o
  8. Just anchor, then check your anchor etc when you leave. If that process is good enough for the Mercury Island find, it is good enough for Waiheke. Was approached by Iwi survey vessel when at Thompson's point. Very polite, told us there was 50Ha of it there. We said we would check the anchor etc. They were very nice
  9. pretty sure water moves around a lot more than boats......... Make the water pay
  10. I have drawn the article to the Commerce Commissions attention. They tend to move slowly, but it would appear to be pretty close to a breach of the Commerce Act.
  11. or the Commerce Commission. Seems like anticompetitve behavior. Purpose, intent or effect of lessening competition.
  12. DM me - I have an authorised diver for Westhaven, can provide his contact
  13. By the moorings, and inside of the little island? A cat sometimes anchors out by the end of the new poo outflow. As a nearby resident I would observe that the tide and wind can have strange effects on the moored yachts i.e. side on to the wind, stern to wind etc. So you would probably not want to stay there too long. Having said that there seems to be a liveaboard at the easetrn end of the moorings.
  14. dont comment much these days. They have banned scallop taking, except an area only commercial can get to and I gather maybe a major hatching area. Go figure. I think the take should be reduced, who the hell needs 7 snapper? I also think that commercial should be excluded from a very large portion of the gulf. The implied value to individuals of recreational fishing is massive compared to the commercial value. Just think about it. 50 to 100 litres of petrol to get at max 7 snapper! But people do it because they enjoy it. So cut the take. Increase the habitat. The crew looking
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