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  1. given how you can crack a padlock open with a couple of spanners I am not sure I would use one.
  2. 3 person household with Watercare, $60 to $70 per month. Watercare also charge for waste water at 78.5% of metered incoming.
  3. whether you need a sea anchor is really a function of wind and tide. I doubt you will need one. The drift rate matters as does your soft bait hook weight. You will need different weighted hooks even if the drift rate is low due to depth. Fundamentally you are trying to get to the bottom. Too high a drift rate versus too smaller a hook weight and you will not get there. You may need different sized soft baits, the hooks come in different lengths, the bait needs to match. Jigs can be good. There are different types and they work really well if you are fishing in a workup or you can s
  4. and bronzies swim around Fitzroy all the time, how dare they!
  5. Interesting to see Wussell throw a legal challenge over the graphics being used. Filed just before Christmas, 5th Jan response required. Classic move to leverage some $$ out of someone who is up against a deadline. Seen it in business too many times. People hope, and usually find that the other party settles to stop any disruption.
  6. But if the issue is on the intake side how does an exhaust riser fix it?
  7. "Kindness" cuts in....during an election................. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/jacinda-ardern-steps-in-after-uk-family-whose-son-was-killed-by-speedboat-are-refused-nz-entry/WHOTUHJTWTY5H6G7X6I2PUBM7U/
  8. And the relevance of NZ residents or citizens returning from India is what? The reason we have quarantine is because NZers flying in can get here in 24 to 30 hours from anywhere in the world, as of right. I would like to see a boat get here in 24 hours. Funny how James Cameron and his film crew (filling their boots with NZ tax payer film subsidies) can get in. America's cup crews can get in (also for tax payer subsidised activities), but a few hundred boaties cant. And so what if a bunch of rich super yachts arrived, as long as they can support themselves (a standard requirement to co
  9. I think the Government is being dicks. They have generated such a level of fear that reason has gone out the window.
  10. You are right. I found his facebook page and he has been here for ages
  11. people seem to be coming in. The Adventures of a Salty Seadog (I think that is his youtube) came in a few weeks back and now sitting in Whangarei.
  12. Not sure, I will ask my friend who was trying to get one.
  13. I heard about 100 on the waiting list for the 14m plus berths at Westhaven.
  14. dutyfree

    40' Boats

    Yes, Westhaven will measure you. They measured us wrong and I was about to get the bow roller cut shorter when we measure the boat ourselves and discovered they had written the numbers down wrong. transposed a digit.
  15. washed my boat in the rain on sunday
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