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  1. By the moorings, and inside of the little island? A cat sometimes anchors out by the end of the new poo outflow. As a nearby resident I would observe that the tide and wind can have strange effects on the moored yachts i.e. side on to the wind, stern to wind etc. So you would probably not want to stay there too long. Having said that there seems to be a liveaboard at the easetrn end of the moorings.
  2. dont comment much these days. They have banned scallop taking, except an area only commercial can get to and I gather maybe a major hatching area. Go figure. I think the take should be reduced, who the hell needs 7 snapper? I also think that commercial should be excluded from a very large portion of the gulf. The implied value to individuals of recreational fishing is massive compared to the commercial value. Just think about it. 50 to 100 litres of petrol to get at max 7 snapper! But people do it because they enjoy it. So cut the take. Increase the habitat. The crew looking
  3. apologies to the yacht (sorry missed your name) just off the viaduct this afternoon that I almost crossed in front of. Was weird wind down the harbour this afternoon, seemingly yachts on all sorts of contradictory tacks in the light wind. My wife and I both debated which direction you were heading before it became pretty obvious which way you were going, so sorry for the late direction change we undertook to keep clear.
  4. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/westhavens-pier-21-sold-marina-dry-stack-offices-hospitality-snapped-up-in-12ha-purchase/4N2GQ3K4ZKHTNGW6ZCPJVAWSJI/ to become part of an adjacent retirement village
  5. I have watched 5 surveyors, never seen one punch a hole. They are in my experience tapping for sound i.e. dull thud, not hitting for destructive damage.
  6. I think Herbert is overseas already, I am sure he is visiting any tax deductible site he can...............
  7. I use an "old" MFD and a Tablet running Navionics plus my eyes :). I can get okay detail on the MDF, updated data on the tablet (but not actual measured depth) so good outcome. When I get the $$ i will bring the MDF up to new tech and still run the tablet, and also add radar.
  8. I get why people dredge, but there is only a finite amount to take. We either reduce demand or increase supply, one seems easier than the other. Diving is very conscious choice and not that convenient. Dredging is poor anchoring
  9. I scallop dive. Dont cray dive, but often go along for the views. Dont support dredging, but also get that not everyone can dive. Not everyone can fish either, thats what shops are for. I think the scallop take limits should be reduced. There are more people and finite scallop areas (that we know of). I fish, never take the limit.
  10. As part of my exercise and for mental health reasons I walked to the marina and had a little sit down on the boat to catch my breath.
  11. All Westhaven berth holders got a "the Police are coming to get you" text this week. Not essential travel.
  12. As mentioned talk to the guys at James Nilsson, they rebuilt my V3000? (I think) for way less than a replacement, even after paying for the professionals to come in and remove it. There is nothing wrong with these, they were built to last.
  13. Our boat came out today. Met the antifoul boss and asked what the weird things were on my hull. He said some new thing that had started showing up in the last few months. White, slug looking thing. Cool something else I will be responsible for moving around......................
  14. Not that I know much about this, but if the objective is to make risk = zero then we should just ban offshore cruising. It seems like that in much of modern life, that the individual analysis ignores the probability of an event. What was the probability of being exactly where this yacht was and experiencing the actual combination of physical events that led to the deaths? I don't know. If it was fundamentally a design flaw or systemic failure then ban that type of yacht from offshore or have them fixed. If it was poor decision making then the probabilities won, you cant (generally) beat t
  15. If you want it here, cough some of your own cash up. I have enjoyed every part of NZ's AC journey, but it is now bloody expensive. As a long suffering taxpayer, I would rather they gave the AC team $100m than the stupid cycling bridge they came up with in 2 weeks, once they heard about the bike invasion. But as a taxpayer I woudl rather they did neither! The dinosaurs long for yesterday, but technology waits for no one. Mercedes F1 team, based in Germany?? No, based in Brackley outside of London. What!!! But they are German. Well guess what the tech is in the UK, where most F1 teams
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