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  1. Not that I know much about this, but if the objective is to make risk = zero then we should just ban offshore cruising. It seems like that in much of modern life, that the individual analysis ignores the probability of an event. What was the probability of being exactly where this yacht was and experiencing the actual combination of physical events that led to the deaths? I don't know. If it was fundamentally a design flaw or systemic failure then ban that type of yacht from offshore or have them fixed. If it was poor decision making then the probabilities won, you cant (generally) beat t
  2. If you want it here, cough some of your own cash up. I have enjoyed every part of NZ's AC journey, but it is now bloody expensive. As a long suffering taxpayer, I would rather they gave the AC team $100m than the stupid cycling bridge they came up with in 2 weeks, once they heard about the bike invasion. But as a taxpayer I woudl rather they did neither! The dinosaurs long for yesterday, but technology waits for no one. Mercedes F1 team, based in Germany?? No, based in Brackley outside of London. What!!! But they are German. Well guess what the tech is in the UK, where most F1 teams
  3. I used them last year. Friendliest yard I have been in. The lift out guy actually smiles, talks to you and is a boatie!
  4. Where do you buy Ultra X in NZ?
  5. Excel, you wont regret it. Modern anchors are way better at setting and reversing direction. The Anchor geekdom link is worth watching, he has some summaries on You Tube. When you back up an an Excel and it bites, you stop!! KM has them.
  6. And people wonder why developments cost money
  7. Wharf Rd end of Kennedy bay, walk to Ostend (or further), then down to Ponui and return
  8. Given the rotting shitters, floating and beached around that area I think the locals have their focus in the wrong place.
  9. dutyfree

    Cruisair A/C

    A/C, why not I say
  10. go to the boat ramp at the end of wharf Rd. We go there all the time. can leave dinghy out of the way on the ramp (most of the dinghies never move there). Never had any problems in almost 20 years. Short walk to Ostend or just get a taxi. Not sure what you draw. South side of moorings has about 1m at low, almost directly inline with the ramp. Most yachts anchor more towards the car ferry, but there is space to anchor all along the sth side of the moorings with more water as you head west.
  11. The pods I see in the Firth (Ponui to TeKouma area) show only limited interest in our boat. Had them swim along side during night races, but again only briefly. Maybe they are heading to the BOI for a play holiday Never been out on the commercial swimming trips, but recall seeing 100's of dolphins when fishing out off Doubtless Bay ~20 years ago
  12. I think they use them as they are not wood and are sand filled after being driven in to the seabed? So don't rot and last longer? KM will know. All the new ones in Westhaven are the same.
  13. Consistency is not a measure of good or bad decision making, it is a measure of relativity.
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