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The Lipton Cup 100th Anniversary

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The PCC website is here https://www.pcc.org.nz/lipton-cup

Back story is here https://www.nzgeo.com/stories/the-cup/

The PCC logo reminds us of something, not quite sure what? This is the place to post Mullet boat stories, comments, notices and maybe the odd bet on who will be the champion of champions in this most distinguished 100th year of racing for the Lipton Cup.

While this technically a racing topic, it's much, much bigger than that and deserves to be front and centre of the sailing community!

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Many old PCC types getting excited, even taking on fluids in preparation for a big day on the water, though they have left it a bit late to compete in the mullet on head competition.

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Pretty disappointed with the coverage of this. Probably the most prestigious race of the year.

live feed required you to give some unknown your credit card details. No thanks

nothing on the pcc site or Facebook of the race as it happened no pictures and still no results

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Dead right DP, and a large number of us on the wall at Westhaven and Beaumont st, watching the start plus the biggest number of spectator boats for a Mullet boat race that I have ever seen.

Trubi came out of the first beat looking good but Martin Robertson in Orion was running him down downwind, then Trubi stretched on the next beat and away they went down the harbour on the wind in the fairly light, I believe because I wasnt there that Orion just got the win on the last leg so good viewing for all those old hands at the PCC.

A pity some more of the L class around the country in sailing order did not come for this historical event.  

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Was certainly a pretty hard day on the water with light and shifty winds, big tide and a few restarts. We (Tamatea) lead around the first 5 marks but then us and Orion got caught out playing with each other and let the Green boat (cant remember its name) through on the other side of the harbour.  The 3 of us were quite close for most of the race but then the long run down the harbour agaisnt the tide with 5 kts of breeze brought the other boats into the game and Limited edition managed to sneak through the other side of the harbour and take the lead only to loose it on the last mark rounding by going too wide and letting Orion through. Martin and his team on orion did sail a great race and set a new record for the most wins (10) in the lipton cup as helmsman. 

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We were out about 3pm and it was a long slow afternoon for them. Lots of boats on the water watching.

The H class also looked great. Which one was showing the way with the cool A2?

Photo attached. At the time these 2 were playing off the Oil Farm and LE was coming down the middle. I assume Tamatea was over the Bsyswater side.

100 Lipton Cup.docx

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