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Bird migration fascinates me. The drivers of migration and the various routes and ways birds achieve it including the navigation is nothing short of miraculous.

I used to watch the raptors on the move around S Europe and all across Africa. Plus the more interesting LBJs (fellow twitchers will recognise this acronym) 😊

I’ve had this book since I was in my 20s I think. I was reading it again only this afternoon (must be a spring thing).


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Birds/Eels even whales ooh sharks and there migratory tracks are incredible .Yet I can get lost walking home from the club.

Albatross,fly twice around the world and come home to breed from where they were hatched.


and man thinks hes smart getting to the moon and back

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Hers another lovely bird book if you’re looking for ideas for a bird-loving or nature-loving family member (it’s a fact-inspired fiction of an imaginary bird tackling the migration).


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