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Anchor sugestions.

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39 minutes ago, Blunt Instrument said:


I was curious as to the hydrodynamics ( water flow over the flukes as they travelled thru the water) of the anchors as they ...


A. Travelled to the seabed.

B. Were dragged across the sand / mud.


...and weather that had an effect on setting or not.?



Unlikely. Its an anchor, not a foil. Hydrodynamics are not normally factors for lumps of iron and steel. When I launch my anchor, it hangs straight down of the chain.

The shape of the anchor and how it interacts with the seabed are key, I believe. The plough lies on it side and that is that. The excell has a little downward point at the tip, like a concord nose. This catches and digs in very fast.

Note, I'm not a technical specialist in anchoring. Just a guy that owns a boat and doesn't like dragging off when I'm having a nap.


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