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Orca's develop new behaviour an tastes

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i wonder if the nibbling on rudders is linked to how they chase down whales and sharks in the open ocean

apparently they like shark livers and whale tongues, perhaps they chew up their propulsive fins to stop them in the water? 

not much to get their teeth on to on a yacht but the rudder

training for the kids?

“It’s a shark they are hunting,” he says. “They eat sharks.”

He later adds: “They actually bite the tails off [of the great whites] from the back.”



The advice issued by the authorities is to stop the boat and wait for the orcas to get bored.

Typically after 30-60 minutes they leave, but by then the boat can be rudderless and incapacitated.

Instead Mr Herminio threw the engines in reverse, creating froth that sent the orcas temporarily away from the rudders and gave him time to drop the sails and keep the boat moving backwards.

Going astern, the spinning props were preventing access to the rudders.


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