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Looking for a Raymarine Smartpilot X5 course computer.

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My Raymarine Autopilot course computer has failed and im looking for a X5 or X10 course computer to replace it.

If anyone is looking to upgrade their old one or knows of one that might be available then let me know.

Any course computer thats compatable with ST60 and an ST4000 Tiller drive would work but it has to be one that doesnt need a rudder sensor.


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Im now all sorted with a second hand X5 Autopilot computer on its way today. This will fit straight in and replace my old water damaged one. Life saver for my christmas cruise. Thanks Guys.

The power of crew.org. 

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So im still having problems with my Autopilot.

Its like its just not using the full extent of the tiller drive and not enought to correct the course. 

There is no rudder reference unit as its designed to work without one and there is no easy way to fit one. The display can show a rudder bar which is just what rudder the computer is thinking it is applying but this just seems to not equate to what the tiller drive is properly doing. It will give quite a bit of rudder initially for a course change, then back to near centre before the boat is on course, the display is showing that it is still applying rudder to bring it back and then eventually when the computer thinks its applying max rudder (the rudder bar indicates all the way over to one side) it just stops doing anything but the rudder is only over a few degrees. Its hard to explain but it just cant keep a course and slowly wonders off.

I have replaced the Computer (it was almost identical issue with the old one) and Compass (second hand) but mint)  had the drive unit checked and im sure the ST60 control display is fine as its operating normally and I cant see how it could be causing me the issues. 

I have done the compass swing (7 Degrees variation), given the unit the full 'learn' cycle numerous times with a 'learn pass', tried playing with rudder gain, rudder dampening, response, and every other setting but it makes very little difference. I have played with it a huge amount and nothing has really changed anything.

The tiller drive is quite eratic and spasms continously and hunts quite badly. Its doing a lot of work but no real action.

Current is a steady 6.5v getting fed to the drive unit when it thinks its applying full helm with no tiller drive plugged in, but more eratic when the drive is plugged in for some reason. When it it thinks it applying max rudder the spasming seems to stop- well everything stops...

I replaced the autopilot plug fitting on the boat and checked those wires, all seems good.

One thing I did find odd was that the old compass read 180 backwards when I put the new computer in so I had to put the compass on the other side of the bulkhead so it is facing aft instead of forwards. I then installed another compass and it did the same thing so it is mounted backwards as well. It reads perfectly normal now.

Is there something obvious that I have missed? northern hemmisphere/southern hemmisphere setting (I couldnt find one), latitude (played with that, no difference), i couldnt find any other settings than might effect it. Double checked all the wiring and everything is good. Read everything I could online....

Fu*ken thing is driving me crazy as everything is talking to each other just fine and seems normal but it just doesnt work....

Any other ideas?


luckily I have an ST1000 as a backup whihc might be doing a bit of work this christmas cruise....





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I know what you are talking about. I just went through the same thing helping a mate sort his one out. He unplugged the gyro and it was usable but no where near as good as it used to be and we have since put another whole computer in his one with a working gyro. I don't believe my one works the same but maybe? 

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4 hours ago, Oldlog said:

I have a gyro on Daydream from the previous autopilot 

if you want to try that josh let me know . Just got to pull it off - 10min job

was running at ST60 Autopilot 


I'm not sure where how I would attach it to my X5. I will do some investigation. 

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Booboo, you have calibrated it right?  It should have modes, if it's in 'race' mode or high sensitivity mode it will react a lot, however it's a long time since we had one of those course computers so I forget the terms.  This sounds exactly what happened to us mid ocean the dam thing just hunts and hunts and won't steer a course and won't apply full rudder.  We corrected the issue with a full depower and calibration.  Don't assume the ST60 is working correctly either they are dog's of things. Ours showed correctly but the output to the autopilot was something else.  I suspect the compass maybe the issue in your install here though.  

If anyone is looking for a very reliable wind instrument that has no moving parts, we have installed one of these:  https://calypsoinstruments.com/shop/product/ultrasonic-portable-solar-wind-meter-2?category=1#attr=62

It's fantastic and brand agnostic which I love.  No more tied to bloody Raymarine or B&G and no moving parts.  

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