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Starting procedure

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If you're not over occasionally you're probably not trying hard enough.

It is difficult to remain on station to observe the start line transit due to tide, and the only way to accurately call a boat over is to be on the committee boat or parked at the pin.  If you're sailing in the race you can realistically observe the boats closest to you and then only in relation to the pin or tower. The fact is most people are late, most of the time.

Self admission of guilt is anecdotal and unreliable for all the above reasons, there is no change in racing culture re honesty. Do people push at the boundaries, misjudge or have different perceptions- yes they do and often!


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On 2/05/2022 at 9:01 AM, waikiore said:

Once again, yesterday the Commodores cup around Rangitoto race, ( also the Westhaven Triple series final and apparently the Flap memorial) had a start where a good fifty percent were over with an outgoing tide?

 This race used to be run by the PCC but apparently they were not able, so it was the Richmond.

Firstly the start line was way too short for the combined start, then no general recall was called, again why?? There was only one start afterwards so it was not as if there was going to be a long delay for a restart? One or two honest types returned -but if this is the way Auckland keelboat racing is going??

One little Ross 680 even headed into the start on Port with the combined fleet charging at them.

The prize giving was in the pleasant surrounds of the Richmond (not the PCC as advertised) but there were apparently no prizes for the Westhaven Triple just Richmond season prizes.   

I have two suggestions for you:

1. Become a volunteer race officer for Richmond, so that you can run the races and do the starts properly.

2. Write a polite email to RYC, outlining your concerns. They may take the feedback and make improvements.


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18 hours ago, The big T said:

To a large extent our sport is self policing, particularly at Club/ amateur levels. If so many admitted after they were over but kept on because they were not pinged, shows to me a complete lack of sportsmanship, a disregard for the honest ones and  a two finger salute to the Race Committee . I would not like it known amongst my peers that I am a blatant cheat and if I can get away with something I will. And if you feel aggrieved, yell and put up the red flag - that is what it is for.

The main problem with racing in the ditch is that there is always a favored end to the line - with about 30 boats all going for it.

The outgoing tide does not help and I would suggest a general recall would have just resulted in further chaos.



Standard starting procedure would be to do general recall, re-start, if still too many over, another general recall and bring out the black flag. That tends to make people a bit more gun-shy!

The other way to stop this problem would be to get rid of the mass start. Why do we have 50 boats on the start line? Why not start each division separately, instead of all at once?



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This is what I am getting at, a longer suitable line, with a spotter at the pin end, and no reluctance to run a general recall and we are applying the rules -no trouble and if those cheeky Stewart monkeys are pushing it they become obvious.😉

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Further to this general recalls were common at the huge Akarana winter series in the 70s and 80s and at Westhaven, they also taught that you cant try and barge back through the racing fleet who had correctly started but must stand clear and go around the line to restart not impeding those who were racing, saw some of that on Sunday too.

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I have seen a frustrated PRO call a individual recall when 80odd boats were well over but a couple were way behind


i think they only have to be able to identify who is over to call it…..so if you sure that only 3 weren’t over  then the remaining boats are individually recalled 


a lot of grumpy kids that day hahahahhaa


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General recalls should be avoided where possible. They are a tool us Race Officers will only use when we cant clearly identify all boats that are over.
I have personally done an individual recall where all boats were over except one. He got a nice start as soon as the rest of the fleet peeled off and came back to the start line to undo their wrongs... We were able to clearly identify all 14 other boats that were over the line prior to the gun.

I will say though even a slight deviation to the transit on the line makes a big difference. If you are sighting the line on the committee boat even swapping what side of the start pole you are using to sight down makes a difference in a tight class race like the 5.9's or 88's who are pretty good at being smack on the line.

Also - as someone who has given up a fair amount of time (and put my own boat out there as a start boat for many regattas) - I would hate to be a volunteer who gave up my time to allow some people to go yachting - to then be reading criticism online for doing my best. Its like criticising the handicapper afterwards - don't like how its run? then roll the sleeves up and get involved with running it too - all clubs are struggling to get good help so I'm sure they would love more hands. We wonder why its hard to get people to volunteer these days!

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