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R2AK, a rabbit hole of crazy.

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Over the last 36 hours I've been watching  a series of video clips about the Race to Alaska known in shorthand as R2AK.

It's an insane 700 mile race up the Inland waterways from Washington state to Alaska.

Contestants on stand up paddle boards FFS.  A 25 foot home built open cutter crewed by people who have never sailed.  All out race teams. An old guy in a racing dinghy who takes over 22 days to complete, single handed.

The only rule - no motor allowed on the craft.

Funny inspiring scary and crazy in about equal measure.  



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We were in Ketchikan at the end of the 2018 R2AK. Had a chat to a few of the kayakers. One of the considerations was camping were the bears aren't. Timing the floods and ebbs is a big part of that race.

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7 hours ago, Black Panther said:

Do I really want to deal with that much rain. Ketchikan is as bad as our west coast. 

Yes you do, we all want to read about how great it was, from our nice dry warm boats

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Current plan is to get back to NZ and make sure BP is still afloat,  then make a plan for the next 12 months. That plan necessarily involves being in UK around April/May ( another graduation ceremony for younger daughter) so that might dovetail nicely. 

Alternative plan come back here and sail to Tonga, which isn't all bad either.

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