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Cabin Light Removal

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I've had to replace a halogen bulb in one of my cabin lights. While I was at it , I thought I would replace all the halogens with equivalent 2-pin LEDs. Much less heat - and less power as well.

The lights are fitted by pushing them into the hole, compressing two springs, which then spring back and retain the light in the deckhead. I followed some advice with the first one, just to keep pulling until the springs collapsed. Ha!- what that does is to break one of the springs, which are only  held on by light rivets. Then when you replace you now need a small screw to keep the light up.

They're nice lights and I don't want to replace them. I feel sure that there is something I'm missing here, so does anyone have a method for getting the darn things out? The photos show one in place and one pulled down as far as it will go.


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Looks like you could fabricate a thin sheet of plastic about the size of an ice cream container lid without edges, fold it around the lamp and slide it upwards pushing the spring upwards allowing one side of the lamp to drop below the surrounding housing and then the lamp can be removed by tilting

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