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Filling a hole in cabin top

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This is my old throttle control hole. 

What would be the approved way of repairing this? 

I was thinking:

1. Grind out the edges so it's convex inside and out 

2. Cut a piece of ply that is 10mm less thickness than the depth of the hole (5mm each side) 

3. Fibreglass over the ply and into the convex edges... Inside and out. 

Having never done this before I have no idea if I am on the right track... 


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That'll work. For a structural repair, taper and overlap the glass. If you just want to fill the hole, find some suitable material (timber, foam) and use a hole saw to cut out a suitable size plug. Make it 5mm less deep than the thickness of the cabin top. Epoxy it in place, fill the cavity and fair (Vinylester filler is fine, dries in 20 mins, and sands well), paint to suit.

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54 minutes ago, aardvarkash10 said:

Did pretty much exactly that on a cabin top repair.  Not sure I'd taper the inside - nothing is likely to force the plug outward.

Actually, internal pressure is not unknown. Boats falling off waves  with hatches shut can produce sufficient pressure to blow out windows on occasion.

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