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Hatch light

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I'm thinking of inserting a polycarb sheet into old wooden fwd hatch.   Rebate into existing ply maybe.  Has anyone ever tried this before?   Pros and cons?

Hatch is quite large, over 600mm square.  Im thinking possibly one (or more) inserts.  Obviously want to maintain the strength for a 100kg plus force load on top of it.  And avoid it being too slippy in the wet.

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cut the holes oversize with rebate and install/glue solid timber (kauri or the like) "picture frames" with the actual rebates for the windows. You want to remove any chance of water getting into the plywood's end grain

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What is the aim... to improve light below or to see out of? A photo of the hatch would be good so we get a good idea of what you want to do...

Why not replace all the ply with a heavy poly carb sheet?

Would always be slippery when wet, but you may could put a timber grid over top for strength as well as traction...

In any case leave the poly fractionally raised so that water does not pool on top of the poly

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