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Magical Great Barrier Island

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I know many of you have been before, but this is my first visit.

Surprising they have 4 & 5G coverage out here, so with my morning coffee thought I would share a few photos...

Only downer, my infatalbe has sprung a few leaks so getting to shore a challenge.  Nevertheless the peace, tranquility and beauty at anchor is more than enough...




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7 minutes ago, harrytom said:

You planning to come before next Monday??


Heading back to Whangaparaoa tomorrow.  Easterlies start again tomorrow, and all the models, including MetService are predicting days and days on end of them building to 20 knots plus and remaining in that East / Nor East quadrant.  Tomorrow a bit less at 15-20.  So, not the gale force of a couple weeks back, but strong enough.  Tomorrow looks the best day for me to scoot back.


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I've posted a Youtube vid of my sail back from Barrier to Whangaparaoa.
May be of interest to anyone wondering what the heck the junk rig is all about...

I did not push the boat hard but still made good progress under reduced sail, and unfortunately my iPhone ran outa battery just before I entered Tiri passage, and sheesh it was a nasty little **cker yesterday was Tiri channel...so probably good that I was concentrating on helming rather than effing about trying to film


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