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Water heaters

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I’ve been Looking at ducted exhaust LPG water heaters like the suburban and camec style etc .

Anyone here got one of these ? And do you have the tankless or tank version ? 

The fitting options seem more flexible than a classic style califont  and probably easier to meet certification criteria too.

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2 hours ago, Bad Kitty said:

Have you looked at Eberspacher diesel ones? They also do a tank version or one that uses a normal type water cylinder. 

That’s an interesting option . The boat has a heat exchanger type tank that’s only configured for shore power so could be plumbed in to a diesel heater I think .

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The thought of a leak of coolant into the fresh water inside the cylinder really scares me.  Coolant is lethal in small doses, 80mls and you're done for.  Perhaps I am over thinking it as I have never heard of this happening - but it's not like I have never heard of corrosion on a boat happening!!! Hence the over thinking :-)

We used to have a cylinder that was heated off the salt water circuit, but that was with a raw water cooled engine.  I am not sure if the salt water side of modern engines with coolant/raw heat exchangers would get warm enough?

I still have the cylinder if anyone wants it, it was "made by" Volvo Penta and was part of the 2003 series engine kits.  I disconnected/removed it from the boat when we repowered the engine as I didn't want to risk any residual salt water getting into the new ethylene coolant circuit.  

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