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Pelin caribou short shaft outboard, best HP?

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I need to buy an outboard for my new OLD Pelin Caribou 20 trailersailer which has an adjustable outboard mounting bracket.

The last owner had a 9.9hp Johnson but it was left in his garage and got flooded a few months back in the bad weather.

I would ideally prefer to get a short shaft  15hp so I could swap it between the yacht and my 3.3m inflatable.

As I am living in a motorhome I don't want to carry 2 outboards around everywhere.

Can the 20 trailer boat function with a short shaft and will the 40 kg motor greatly impact the sailing performance?

opinions and advice would be greatly appreciated!


camper and boat.jpg

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I'd go for a long shaft, high thrust. The high thrust has lower reduction gearbox & a bigger diameter prop, which the yacht will love.

Pack up the transom & use it on the inflatable, it'll be a bit long but so what? I think yamaha did a 9.9hp maybe?

The short shaft will be pretty useless on the yacht as soon as there's any sea running.

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11 hours ago, Deep Purple said:

8hp is ample for the yacht and inflatable. What are you trying to do with the inflatable, water ski? But you will need longer shaft.

You can't have too much HP on your tender..the 15 goes pretty well on the 2.6 RIB.90ECE4D7-168F-479C-9472-5A053FB7E86F_1_105_c.thumb.jpeg.115ba3a78b46dd5b20c048043c4963e0.jpeg


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I ended up getting an 8hp for the inflatable and a 15hp with a high thrust prop for the Trailer sailer. I have been out in some good blows and was very happy with the extra power of the 15 even though it weighs nearly 100lb, luckily it doesn't seem to upset the balance of the boat. And the economy is just amazing. I visited Every harbor except the Manukau from Auckland Northward. Had a fabulous time and met quality people every day.

I'm looking forward to Shooting many YouTube adventures on my return to NZ in October.

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